[six by nine]

6x9 [six by nine] is a project, presented in the form of an artist’s book, which aims to develop a generative system, inspired by the language used in weaving patterns and instructions and Owen Jones’ The Grammar of Ornament (published 1856), which allows to create repeating patterns using a multi-step process. The patterns created using 6x9 [six by nine] embrace chance, play and human error, avoiding the correction of mistakes made during the layout process and rather using errors as items that add value to the overall composition.

6x9 [six by nine] was exhibited at Evasioni Art Studio in Rome, Italy as a part of the exhibition "Small Is Better!". The project was also exhibited at the Abteilung Für Alles Andere in Berlin, Germany as a part of the show "Δ O /"
6x9 [six by nine] was also presented at RISD UNBOUND 2018, an art book fair hosted by the RISD Library, and the book was purchased by the Special Collections Department of the Rhode Island School of Design Fleet Library

6x9 [six by nine] was covered in RISD Media's article "Bound Together by a Love of Books"