"I truly believe in the work I do because I want every child to feel like they have a place in the world, and a seat at the table when it comes to writing the story that brings this place to life.  I want to use design as a tool to empower children, to help them find their unique voice, developing a culture of agency, love of learning and critical thinking that will accompany them for the rest of their lives." 

Enrico is an architectural designer and graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design’s Architecture Department (BArch/BFA). Enrico is deeply interested in principles of participatory planning and co-design strategies, and has incorporated these design principles in his practice during his studies. Interested in the intersection between architectural design and community building, his design practice aims to involve all constituents of design projects from conceptual ideation to final development.

His studies at RISD culminated in a thesis titled Tutti a Scuola! A Participatory Reworking of the Locus of Italian Public Education. In his thesis, Enrico engaged with elementary school students to propose an agile, resilient and child-centered vision for a new collective imaginary for the world of Italian public education.

Enrico is deeply committed to making architecture accessible to all. Using his interests in visual communication and research, alongside his presentation skills and attention to detail, he is able to effectively communicate architectural and educational concepts of varying complexity to a variety of stakeholders that are part of the architectural design process.

Enrico formerly collaborated with Milanese participatory planning organization ABCittà via the RISD Maharam STEAM Fellowship in Applied Art and Design, and also served as a Design Intern with Fielding International and VS America during 2020, aiding the development of the award-winning “Sustaining Student Learning and Success: a Holistic COVID-19 Response Strategy.”