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The Service Learning Lab

[Above] The connectors that originate from the existing building's extruded stairwells and link to the addition's hallways can become additional communal spaces, customizable by the residents of each floor/area of the collective.

Advanced Studio

Learning Systems: Alternate Spatial Practices

Critic Manuel Cordero-Alvarado

Spring 2020

Rhode Island School of Design, Department of Architecture

This project aims to synthesize the concepts and knowledge gained about learning styles to propose a student-centered educational environment that supports diverse learning needs. 


The space can be within or outside a school facility (typologies can include: classrooms, media centers/libraries, hallways, multi-purpose rooms, outdoor classrooms, kitchens, science labs, maker spaces, ...) or any space that supports the learning style and modalities being explored. The intervention must address at least two of the following scales:


– the scale of the individual

– the scale of a teacher and student; the scale of a small learning group (3-10 students)

– the scale of a class (average size 25 students)

– the scale of a school (anywhere between 300-1000 students).

[Above] Section cut of the Learning Shed, designed to