Fielding International

COVID-19 Resiliency Project


Scenario 2

Alternating Return Model


Scenario 3

Full Return Model

The content for the above scenarios has been developed in collaboration with Jill Ackers-Clayton, Nathan Strenge, Jay Litman, Ellen Woodsbie, Sam Hogg, James Seamen and Cierra Mantz.

Designing schools where learners thrive


Fielding International (formerly known as Fielding Nair International) is an award-winning international education design firm. Fielding International designs school facilities for today and tomorrow with one primary goal in mind—to improve learning.

The Fielding International team is composed of interdisciplinary designers. Fielding International helps clients to envision and design innovative schools that support student-centered learning. The environments Fielding International designs form both a continuum in their exploration of learning, and also a unique expression of their school partners and their missions.

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