Letterpress Printing


Letterpress Printing

Associate Professor Dan Wood, DWRI Letterpress

Fall 2020

Rhode Island School of Design, Department of Printmaking

"Sulla Luna"

Hand set type printed on Neenah Cardstock

Approx. 8"x5"

"BANCO COVID-19 – Tricolore"

Hand set type and magnesium die cut

Each 11"x7"

"Here (in your arms)"

Hand set type and polymer plate


"Karel Martens: Counterprint.

a Printer Portrait"

Polymer plate


"Me e il mio futuro: papà"

Polymer plate, three color print

Each 8"X4"

"Tutti a scuola!"

Polymer plate, three color print

Edition of 8, Print 6/8 Shown

Approximately 17"x12¾"

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