mambo italiano 


[Above] 35mm photographs contained in the unbound book.

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mambo italiano is a series of black and white photographs that focus on the day-to-day existence of the closely knit Italian American community of Providence’s Federal Hill district.

The images document a series of mundane public and private settings on Atwells Avenue that, contextualized through the narration of those who fled Italy during a time of war and poverty during the 1920s and 1930s, provide an insight on the herculean efforts and struggles that follow one’s arrival into a new country and its cultural, linguistic and social frameworks. 

Presented as an unbound book enclosed in a handmade box, the mounted photographs are accompanied by objects collected both during my 20 years of life in Italy and the month and a half that I spent on Federal Hill with those pictured in the images, extending the reflection started during the first half of the 20th Century to contemporary migration policies and experiences that are characterizing the political and social landscapes of Italy and the United States of America. 


[Above] The images are mounted on museum board and contained in a hand-made clamshell box.