le metafore della didascalia


[Above] SENZA TITOLO: le metafore della didascalia (published by Nomos Edizioni)

Within the common imaginary, museum captions are scientific tools par excellence, precise and definitive. In truth, these seemingly neutral objects are interpretative acts, located in time and space, imperfect and provisional. Indeed, recent museology speaks to us of critical, "polyvocal" captions, increasingly attentive to issues of accessibility and taking into account different points of view and sensitivities. Who should write these captions? What to include in them, and what to omit? And above all, how does one define their "correctness" and evaluate their effectiveness?

This book, which borrows the voices of different professionals within the industry, wants to suggest possible traces for the design and critical analysis of a museum caption; within the scope of the book, these issues take into account the characteristics of the tool, the context within which its message is placed, the perspectives and objectives that the museum intends to achieve in relation to its audiences.

The book has been curated by Maria Chiara Ciaccheri, Anna Chiara Cimoli and Nicole Moolhuijsen. They are museologists and researchers, and are the curators of the "Senza Titolo" project, organized with the Fondazione Querini Stampalia in Venice.