The First Televised War

“The First Televised War” is a book that aims to explore and expose the role of the media in the Vietnam War as a subject of continuing controversy. Accused of crafting either extremely negative reports towards the United States’ actions in Vietnam, causing a drastic loss of support for the United States in the War, or constructing narratives that bent the truth to either cater to the needs of the US Government or satisfy the need for spectacle of those living the War through a television set, the media are to this day thought to be an extremely significant reason behind  the unfolding of events that occurred in South East Asia between 1955 and 1975. 

The book was shown at RISD UN/BOUND 2018 and was purchased by the Rhode Island School of Design Fleet Library's Department of Special Collections. The book was on display in the Rhode Island School of Design Fleet Library during May/June 2018.